a warm welcome to Telangana

‘ నమస్కారాలు, తెలంగాణకు స్వాగతం ‘

Telangana is a new and youngest state of India. Earlier Telangana was the part of Andhra pradesh. Telangana is a must visit place in India, Because of its rich cultural heritage and the historic significance. A trip to Telangana will be incomplete, if you haven’t had Hyderabadi biriyani from the kitchen of Nizams and cookies & biscuits from Karachi bakery.

Tourist places in Telangana


Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, After Bangalore, Hyderabad is a major IT hub. Hyderabad is famous for Indo-Mughal architecture and spicy food, wspecially Hyderabadi biryani.

Places to visit in Hyderabad :
Charminar is one of the major landmark and a heritage place in Hyderabad. Charminar reflects the Moghul architecture which is built using granite and lime.
Golconda Fort was originally known as Mankal which is built on top of a granite hill. This was Once the capital of the Kings of Qutub Shahi. Golconda Fort is one of most beautifully constructed fortresses in India.
Ramoji Film City, A film studio which is placed in The Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest film studios in the world. There are more than 50 preset film settings like Hollywood, London street, Japanese garden. Rajasthan, Airport, Railway station, hospital and more.
Osmansagar is a beautiful lake and a nice picnic spot located in Hyderabad. This is an artificial reservoir created by constructing a dam across the Musi River for the supply of drinking water.


Warangal, is a best place to escape from the city life & dive into breathtaking views of calm lake and far-off hills. Also there are many forts and temples in Warangal. If you are a wild life lover then there is Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary that sprawls around the Pakhal Lake. Top of all the tourists places in Warangal is Warangal fort, A 13th century fort.

Places to visit :
Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Pakhal Lake, Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Kakatiya Rock Garden, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Bhadrakali Temple, Ramappa Lake & Temple, Laknavaram Lake.


Medak is famous for its painting works on the rocks which are dated back to the Neolithic era. Medak has lots of other attratcions like various sculptures in Hindu and Islamic architectural style. Also there are other places like Narsapur Forest & Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary for wildlife lovers. The Medak cathedral is a monolithic church of the Methodist Christian sect and the second largest Diocese in the world. You can witness Gothic styled architecture here.

Places to visit:
Medak Fort, Medak Cathedral, Edithanur Cave, Narsapur Forest , Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary



Nizamabad is religious tourist place with lots of beautiful stone-engraved temples and historical monuments. Kanteshwar temple is an ancient temple built in North Indian style of architecture. Nizambad fort is another major attraction , this fort is built on top of a 3oom high hill.

Places to visit :
Nizamabad Fort, Alisagar Reservoir, Archaelogical And Heritage Museum, Pochampad Dam, Mallaram Forest, Kanteshwar temple


Ramagundam is one of the best places to visit for casual getaways. Its beautiful environment may make you want to stay here for hours. Rama temple is the oldest temple in Ramagundam. Ramagundam Dam, which is one of the biggest dams in South India. Is also worth visiting.

Places to visit :
Rama temple, Ramagundam Dam

bhandardara river view

Karimnagar is famous for its historical forts owing to it being under the Nizam’s reign. All these forts are so beautiful that it makes you forget the time and spend hours watching these. Endowed with a rich history, take a minute to appreciate the ruins infused with nature by visiting some of the alluring monuments like Elgandal Hill-Fort, Jagtial Fort, and Ramagiri Fort. The town is also famous for its various pilgrimage spots with some really amazing temples. This widely visited city is considered to be fourth populated in Telangana and apart from temples and forts, it entertains visitors with its other interesting places, like Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Its riverine forest makes it an ideal habitat for species like crocodiles, leopards, black bucks and sloth bears.

Places to visit:
Elgandal Fort, Manthani Temples, Ramagiri Fort, Jagtial Fort, Ujwala Park, Vemulawada Temple, Kaleshwaram, Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary


Khammam is famous for its lakes, forts, temples and hot springs. Khammam is very famous for its majestic fort located in Stambhadri hill. This fort is about a 1000 year old and it receives a lot of praises for its architecture that has a blend of Hindu and Islamic style. You can view the city from inside the fort. When you visit Khammam, don’t forget to visit Lakaram Lake and Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary. Also for a pilgrimage tour, you can visit Kallur, Nelakondapalli. When you are in Khammam do not miss a trip to the hot springs in Gundala and a breathtaking paradisaical place called Perantalapalli.

Places to visit:
Khammam Fort, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Lakaram lake,  Nelakondapalli, Perantalapalli, Gundala, Kallur, Nelakondapalli

abbi falls

Mahbubnagar is one of the major destinations in Telangana that offers religious and historical places . Mahbubnagar was the core of the Satavahanas and the Chalukya Dynasties’ reign. A major tourist attraction is the ‘Pillalamarri’ which is a 800 years old banyan tree and its underlings are spread across 3 acres of land. Other attractions are Nallamala Hills , the Tiger Wilds Jungle Camp, Mallela Theertham waterfall.

Places to visit :
Farahabad, Pillalamarri, Alampur, Gadwal, Mallela Theertham waterfall, Nallamala Hills


Adilabad is the second largest city in Telangana. This city is known for its handicrafts and highest waterfall the Kuntala waterfall. This waterfall is 45 meters tall and it is nestled in the ranges of Sahyadri Mountains. Adilabad is filled with many wildlife sanctuaries; three famous places amongst them are Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Also A great place to visit would be the Basar Saraswati Temple which is situated at the banks of the Godavari River.

Places to visit :
Kuntala Waterfalls, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pochera Waterfalls, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahatma Gandhi Park, Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary, Basar Saraswati Temple


Nalgonda is quite popular for their old temples and forts. Forts like Devarakonda Fort, Bhongir Fort and Rachakonda Fort are the obvious choices to visit . Also do consider a visit to Kolanupaka Jain Temple which is 2000 years old. Nalgonda is also famous for its scenic atmosphere. The World’s largest masonry dam, Nagarjuna Sagar dam is located in this city and is a major source of irrigation in the region. Another riveting sight which is a must visit for nature lovers is Ethipothala Waterfalls.

Places to visit :
Deverakonda Fort, Bhongir Fort, Rachakonda Fort, Mellachervu, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Ethipothala Waterfalls, Kolanupaka Jain Temple.