a warm welcome to Nagaland

Nagaland which is located in Northeastern India is a mountainous state. Nagaland is one of the seven sister states of India. Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland. Nagaland is famous for its Konyak headhunter tribe. These tribal people are the most attractive thing in Nagaland. Their colorful and unusual living style will surely attract many tourists. Nagaland is rich in natural beauty, spicy food, traditional villages and lots more. Once this was a less known place, which is fast becoming a major tourist attractions of Northeast India.

Tourist places in Nagaland

doodhsagar trek route

Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland will be the first place to visit when you plan a tour to Nagaland. This city was once completely destroyed during the World War II. Kohima War Cemetery is the place where the bodies of more than 1,200 British and 340 Indian soldiers are buried. This cemetery is now a memorial dedicated to Soldiers who died in World War II. There are two main tribal villages in Kohima, namely Khonoma and Touphema which are the main places to be visited in Kohima. With lots of natural charms, historic monuments, wild life activities , Kohima is a most beautiful place to visit in Nagaland
Dzukou Valley is situated at a distance of about 30kms from Kohima. This place is truly a trekker’s delight and a must visit for adventure loving tourists.. The best time to visit Dzukou Valley is spring when the whole valley blossoms with flowers and looks absolutely mesmerizing .
Khonoma Green Village in Kohima is a village which is the home of the Angami tribe who have given up hunting and practice agriculture.
Tuophema Village is a tourist village where you can see the whole lifestyle of Nagas. From traditionally styled thatched huts, jewelleries, clothing all you can find here. This is the best place to learn more about the Nagas and their culture. The 25th and 27th of February each year is a major attraction of this village, because of the The Angami Sekrenyi festival .

Places to visit :
Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima State Museum,Kohima ZooDzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Pulebadze Peak, Dzüleke, Ruzaphema, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary, Khonoma Village,


Dimapur is the commercial capital city of Nagaland. Dimapur is the only city in Nagaland which can be reached by flight and train. In Dimapur, We can find lots of ruins from the Kachari civilization, dated back to the 13th century. Dimapur is a very colorful land and it reflects the authentic Nagaland. There are lots of options for tourists in Dimapur from nature, historic, adventure, and wildlife

Places to visit :
Kachari Ruins, Rangapahar Reserve Forest / Zoological Park, Diezephe Craft Village, Kuki Dolong Village, Diphupar, Medziphema, Ruzaphema, Dimapur Ao Baptist Church

tosh village

Mon is a very fascinating place to be in Nagaland because of Konyak Nagas. Konyak Nagas are great warriors with headhunting gears, blackened teed, lion clothes and tattoed face. Mon shares the border with Myanmar. Mon has the densest landscape in Nagaland. Mon has very less tourists places, but still, it receives lots of tourists every year. This is just to look at the local people, their culture, their dressing which is very colourful . Best time to visit Mon is in April, when the Konyak Nagas celebrate Aoleong Monyu festival.

Places to visit :
Veda Peak, Longwa Village, Chui Village (Basti), Shangnyu Village

budha van

Wokha is called Paradise for nature lovers, Because of its hills, rivers, colorful orchards, Terraced fields , blazing flowers, and much more. Lotha tribal people can be found in Wokha. These tribal people are more famous for their traditional art and craft.
We can find many ancient stone monoliths, erected by ancient tribal elders in Wokha

Places to visit :
Mount Tiyi, Doyang Hydro Project, Tehurang Valley, Baghty Valley, Doyang River, Water Pool, Totsu Cliff, Vankhosung

ethina bhuja

Mokukchung is the home of the Ao tribe who are known for rich culture and traditions. This place is located high on the hill which is the best feature.  Because of this Mokukchung is gradually becoming a hotspot for tourism in Nagaland. Best time to visit Mokukching is during the Moatsu Festival held every first week of May each year.

Places to visit :
Longkhum, Ungma, Chungliyimti, Chuchuyimlang, Mokukchung District Museum, Changtongya, Mokukchung Park.

bineru mountains

Benreu is a beautiful and untouched village located in Peren district of Nagaland. If you like to spend your holidays in a silent and beautiful place in Nagaland, then this is the best place. In Benreu you get to see most of the colors of Naga lifestyle and culture.

Places to visit :
Peren, Mt. Pauna Tourist Village


Meluri is a small village situated halfway on the route to Mt. Saramati. Pochury tribal people can be found in this village. Pochury tribes are well known for their excellent hunting skills. There are two beautiful lakes in Meluri namely, Dzudu and Shilloi. Zanibu Peak near Dzudu Lake is also a very good viewing point, you can get the view of a large part of Nagaland and Mt.Everest from this place.

Places to visit :
Phek, Dzudu Lake, Zanibu Peak, Shilloi Lake


Longleng is the home of Phom Nagas. These tribal people are very skilled in pottery, bamboo work, and spinning. Monyu is the major festival celebrated in Longleng. This is a Six-day festival and is the best time to visit this place. You can find all their culture and tradiotons in this festival. Apart from this are many beautiful landscapes where a tourist can spend their holidays very well. One more major attraction in Lonhleng is The Dikhu River.

Places to visit :
Dikhu River, Zunheboto, Pongo village, Bhumyu village


Kiphire is one more best place for adventure enthusiasts. There are lots of scope for activities like trekking, rafting, and canoeing in Kiphire. Saramati Peak is the highest peNagalandgaland located in Kiphire. It will take 3 days for trekking Mt. Saramati. Pungro, Salomi and Mimi are some of the villages still untouched. There are many hidden places like caves, waterfall, salt river Mihki in Kiphire. Another place of interst is Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary

Places to visit :
Saramati Peak, Pungro Town, Salomi Village, Mimi Village, Mihki- the river of salt, Fakim Wildlife Santuary


Peren showcases the rich tradition and culture of Zeliagrong and Kuki tribes. Mt. Pauna village is the major attraction in Peren which is a Tourism village This village offers you a magnificent view of the valley below, which is blessed with lush forest cover. The Bereu village is one more attraction worth visiting.

Places to visit :
Mt. Pauna,, Pauna village, Bereu village, Caves at Puilwa Village, Ntangki National Park, Mt. Kisa


Tuensang is the homeland of the Chang Naga and is the predominant tribe here. Also, there are many tribes living all together in Tuensang. Because of many tribes living together in this place, we can see a blend of culture and tradition. When you are touring Nagaland, collect all the souvenirs from Tuensang, this is the ultimate place for it. You can shop anything which you find in Nagaland.

Places to visit :
Changsangmonko, Chilise, Chunglimiyti, Tsadang, The Living Stones of Tuensang