My first blog

Hi, This is my first blog and a bit nervous, but more excited. And in future, the nervousness will be zero but the excitement will always be there.
Just a year ago, I was not having any plan of writing a blog or traveling. It all suddenly happened. Just started an Instagram page @tourhythmindia and started posting pics about our Incredible India. And very soon it all went good and now am having a decent number of followers from all over the world. Now, They are not just my followers, but many are my friends and some are good friends too.
Looking at the pics which I featured on my Instagram page, my interest in traveling started. Now I am addicted to traveling. In spite of being very busy in my actual work, I take break and travel. If not too far, but at least somewhere nearby to a new place.
Traveling will teach you a lot. You will not only see new places, meet new people, also every trip will teach you something which is very helpful in your life. So I decided to start writing blogs and say about my stories and experience to others. In this journey of writing blogs, I will write my stories and also stories from my other friends. Without them this website is nothing.
Anybody who is interested to read the real-life experience of traveling, wants to know more about India, wants to travel different parts of India, then this website and blogs are especially for them. You might have seen and read many travel blogs, but this isn’t the same. This is different because you will be involved in our stories too.
I will be trying to post a blog at least a week. Please visit my website and subscribe the blogs, so that you don’t miss any of our stories. Stories could be mine or maybe yours too.
Please comment on this first blog and also let me know what topics you are looking for?
Feel free to contact. There are lots of ways to get in touch, you can find it in my contact section.
Expecting a good support and encouragement from you all, always.

Thank you.

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