a warm welcome to Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is located in Northeastern part of India. Itanagar is the capital of this state. Arunachal Pradesh means “The land of dawn-lit mountains”.  Arunachal Pradesh was India’s wildest and least explored state, But now many places are getting explored and soon will become a tourist hotspot. Arunachal Pradesh, is famous for its pine hills and rice fields. Most of the place in Arunachal Pradesh is densely forested and steep hills with snow-capped. There are many ancient temples, historical monuments, lots of waterfalls, beautiful monasteries and much more. Whole Arunachal Pradesh is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts & nature lovers.

Tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh

doodhsagar trek route

Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and is located on the foothills of Himalayas . This place is surely a Paradise. Itanagar got its name from the historical Ita Fort which goes back to the 15th century, This fort is a very famous tourist location. The weather will be good throughout the year and makes it a tourist’s delight. There are many tribes living in Itanaar and nearby villages. Namdapha National Park is the must visit place for nature lovers and wildlife tourists. This park boasts of being home to a vast variety of animals and birds.

Places to visit :
Ganga Lake , Namdapha National Park , Miao Mini Zoo, Miao Museum, Moti Jheel , Ita Fort, Gompa Buddhist Temple


Tawang is the birthplace of Dalai Lama. It is located 10000 feet above mean sea level. Tawang is famous not only for its picturesque sceneries but also for its beautiful monasteries. Tawang Monastery is the most popular amongst all and largest monastery in India. Next comes the Nuranang Falls which is an awesome place and still a fewer people know about this place. Gorichen Peak or Sa-Nga Phu can be your next destination in Arunachal Pradesh. This is considered to be one of the sacred peaks protecting local Monpa tribe. Also, this peak is good for adventurous guys to mountaineer and trekking. One of the best places to visit in the whole Northeast is Sela Pass. Most of this place is covered by snow. Sangetsar Lake or the Madhuri Lake is beautiful and breathtaking. This lake is also considered to be a religious and holy place for Buddhists.

Places to visit :
Tawang Monastery , Tipi Orchid Sanctuary, Nuranang Falls, Gorichen Peak or Sa-Nga, Sela Pass sea lake, Sangetsar Lake or the Madhuri Lake, Pankang Teng Tso Lake,  Tawang War Memorial, Taktsang Gompa, Bumla Pass, Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls

tosh village

Roing is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in Arunachal Pradesh. With many exciting and beautiful mountains, lakes rivers, this is truly a delight. Most of the place will be covered by snow for most for the most part year. Is simply majestic.

Places to visit :
Mayudia, Nehru van Udayan, Mehao Lake, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhashmaknagar Fort

budha van

Bomdila is the best place to view the snow-covered Himalayan mountain ranges. The apple orchards and the beautiful surroundings will make your visit to Bomdila a memorable one.

Places to visit :
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Dirang Valley, Bomdila Monastery, Apple Orchards, Bomdila View Point, R.R. Hill, Craft Centre And Ethnographic Museum

ethina bhuja

Ziro is a quaint old town and a peace seeker’s paradise. Ziro is also called as Apatani Plateau. This place is the home for the famous Apa Tani tribe. The climate here is very good and comfortable throughout the year. Ziro is one of the World Heritage Site.

Places to visit :
Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Kile Pakho, Shiv Linga, Meghna Cave Temple, Ziro Puto, Dolo Mando, Hapoli, Dilopolyang Maniipolyang, Pine Grove, Tarin Fish Farm, Bamboo Grove

bineru mountains

Bhalukpong is the best place for wildlife, adventurous and nature loving tourists. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place for wildlife lovers. Lots of good places for hiking, trekking and river rafting can be found here.

Places to visit :
Kaziranga National Park, Sessa Orchid Sanctuary , Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhalukpong Fort


Pasighat is known as the ‘Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh’ and is the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh.  This is the place where River Brahmaputra flows through all the way from Tibet. A perfect place for a nature lover and also for adventurous people. Even though this place has become a commercial because of lots of tourists, it has the beauty and the culture intact.

Places to visit :
Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Kekar Monying , Pangin


Along,  like all other places in Arunachal Pradesh is rich with natural beauty. Most of the places are looking very pretty with plantations all over. The Hanging bridge, Mechuka Valley, will definitely make you happy. Mechuka Valley is famous for some exotic tribe and natural beauty. The other main tourist attraction is a 400-year-old Buddhist Monastery, located at the hilltop.

Places to visit :
Mechuka, Mithun, and Jersey Cross Breeding Farm, Hanging Bridge, Hydropower Dam


Daporijo is a beautiful scenic town along Subansiri River. Daporijo is the best place to take a break while driving towards Along or Ziro. This is a home of the different tribes like Tagin, Galo, Hilmiri, Mishmi etc. We can find some special Bamboo handicrafts or colorful costumes in Daporijo. There are very few tourists locations over here.

Places to visit :
Meghna cave temple, Kamala reserve forest, Rafting in River Subansiri


Tirap is located on the Southeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. Tirap is mostly surrounded by Himalayan ranges. Streams, deep valleys, dense forests, and snow covered hills are some of the attractive features of Tirap. Another interesting feature of this place is the ethnicity of tribals, their festivals, and their living styles. Khonsa is the best place in Tirap where you can find all these attractive features of Tirap. Kheti and Lajo Village, are some of the tribal villages worth visiting to get an idea of the living style and cultures of tribal people. Namdapha National Park a mesmerizing place for any wildlife and nature lover. Namdapha National Park is also perfect for adventure enthusiasts.

Places to visit :
Khonsa museum, Khonsa waterfall, Kheti and Lajo village, Namdapha National Park, Miao


Dirang is a small village en route Tawang. Most of the parts of Dirang are unexplored, but worth visiting. We can find the Buddhism and Bhutanese culture in Dirang.

Places to visit :
Kalachakra Gompa, Dirang Dzong, National Research Centre On Yak, Hot Water Spring, Sangti Valley